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‘Telecoms boom leaves rural Africa behind,’ published 31 January, 2013 

‘"Africa Rising" banks on reality matching the metrics,’ published 21 December, 2012 

‘Sierra Leone opposition concedes election defeat to president,’ published 4 December, 2012  

‘Sierra Leone opposition to boycott parliament over "vote fraud,"’ published 28 November, 2012  

‘Defeated Sierra Leone opposition says election flawed,’ published 24 November, 2012 

‘Sierra Leone's Koroma promises growth in new term,’ published 23 November, 2012  

‘Observers hail smooth Sierra Leone vote, urge peaceful result,’ published 19 November, 2012 

‘Sierra Leoneans flock to vote with hope set on minerals boom,’ published 17 November, 2012 

‘Close Sierra Leone vote carries high hopes for growth,’ published 16 November, 2012 

‘Sierra Leone president eyes new term amid mining boom,’ published 15 November, 2012 

‘S.Leone leader rebuts corruption charge before vote,’ published 12 November, 2012 

‘S.Leone opposition plans to review mining code, contracts,’ published 20 October, 2012 

‘EU-approved vessels fishing illegally in Sierra Leone-report,’ published 10 October, 2012 

‘Sierra Leone presidential candidate attacks rival's record,’ published 9 October, 2012 

‘Red Cross fears Sierra Leone cholera crisis, appeals for funds,’ published 23 August, 2012 

‘S.Leone plans gold tax cut to curb smuggling,’ published 13 August, 2012 

Sierra Leone police shootings stir unrest, probe' publshed 13 June, 2012 

'Runners take on gruelling S. Leone race for charity,' published 13 June, 2012 

'S.Leone police probed on iron-mine strike response,' published 4 June, 2012 

'Freetown's wood homes a link to Sierra Leone's past,' published 3 May, 2012 

'Taylor's victims, critics soothed by court conviction,' published 26 April, 2012 

'Taylor verdict takes aim at Africa Big Man impunity,' published 22 April, 2012 

'African Minerals workers riot in Sierra Leone,' published 20 April, 2012 

'Sierra Leone charges two in 'Timbergate' graft case,' published 17 April, 2012 

'Sierra Leone diamond firm: from war booty to IPO,' published 4 April, 2012  

'Illegal fishing plunders and strains West Africa,' published 15 March, 2012 

'Koidu discussing possible IPO: CEO,' published 8 March, 2012 

'New discoveries raise West Africa oil hopes,' published 21 February, 2012 

'Sierra Leone president forced out U.N. envoy: letter,' published 13 February, 2012 

'UN mission chief leaves Sierra Leone before polls,' published 3 February, 2012 

'"Pirate" fishing vessel got UK funds - officials,' published 1 February, 2012 

'S.Leone energy minister sacked over poor performance,' published 25 January, 2012 

'S.Leone in uphill battle to avoid 'resource curse',' published 25 January, 2012 

'Hainan signs $1.2 bln rubber, rice deal in S.Leone,' published 19 January, 2012 

'Sierra Leone plans hike in London Mining tax - draft,' published 16 December, 2011 

'S.Leone's "Timbergate" threatens president poll bid,' published 13 December, 2011 

'Sierra Leone lifts ban on political rallies,' published 13 December, 2011 

'Sierra Leone shields coveted forest from mining,' published 4 December, 2011 

'Sierra Leone indicts Freetown mayor for graft,' published 29 November, 2011 

'Sierra Leone to post mining revenues online,' published 29 November, 2011 

'Sierra Leone sets "cautious" 2012 spending hike,' published 26 November, 2011 

'Sierra Leone probes alleged bribe in vice president office,' published 24 November, 2011 

'Tempers rise over oil palm in Sierra Leone,' published 11 November, 2011 

'New roads drive up accidents, deaths in Sierra Leone,' published 26 October, 2011 

'Sierra Leone arrests 39 in oil palm land lease dispute,' published 12 October, 2011 

'Sierra Leone gets fibre optic link to internet,' published 10 October, 2011 

'Sierra Leone to charge more than 50 over clashes,' published 6 October, 2011 

'S.Leone says poll violence may be probed by ICC,' published 3 October, 2011 

'Sierra Leone police ban rallies to curb violence,' published 23 September, 2011 

'Liberia vote to test post-war recovery,' published 9 September, 2011 

'Former fighter turns candidate in Sierra Leone elections,' published 15 August, 2011 

'"Dollar boys" keep Sierra Leone in business,' published 10 June, 2011 

'Sierra Leone says Bumbuna deal with Joule Africa,' published 9 June, 2011 

'Swede Mattsson caught in political crossfire,' published 9 June, 2011 

'Vaccine alliance seeks $3.7 bln from London meeting,' published 30 May, 2011 

'Sierra Leone signs MoU for $750 million hydro power boost,' published 26 May, 2011 

'Opposition infighting threatens S.Leone election,' published 9 May, 2011 

'Sierra Leone launches trade hopes with mango juice,' published 6 May, 2011 

'Sierra Leone cautious on mining windfall estimate,' published 4 May, 2011 

'Sierra Leone cuts fuel subsidy, prices jump 30 pct,' published 4 May, 2011 

'Sierra Leone's pre-war pleasure dome eyes new life,' published 25 March, 2011 

'Liberia's Sirleaf warns on Ivory Coast,' published 21 March, 2011 

'Sierra Leone seeks to improve mining deals,' published 14 March, 2011 

'Forest loss threatens Sierra Leone water supplies,' published 7 March, 2011 

'Sierra Leone eyes new future as last U.N. troops go,' published 17 February, 2011 

'U.S. anti-terror outpost tackles rat-borne virus,' published 14 February, 2011 

'Sierra Leone's "cheap gold" entices the gullible,' published 2 February, 2011 

'Battle begins for Africa's mobile banking business,' published 26 January, 2011 

'After diamonds, iron foments Sierra Leone tensions,' published 8 December, 2010 

'Africa mulls biofuels as land grab fears grow,' published 30 November, 2010 

'Sierra Leone pushes $400 mln plan for farm sector,' published 19 November, 2010 

'Sierra Leone ups spending, cuts mining tax,' published 13 November, 2010 

'"Returnees" nourish high hopes for Sierra Leone,' published 11 November, 2010 

'Sierra ends flag of convenience for fishing vessels,' published 28 October, 2010 

'Sierra Leone's ex-fighters train for peace abroad,' published 25 October, 2010 

'Sierra Leone tax breaks to boost export values,' published 14 October, 2010 

'Turkey's transsexuals popular on TV but not at home,' published 25 March, 2010 

'48 hours in Istanbul, published 19 March, 2010 

'Recession slows Turkey's drive for coal-fired power,' published 12 March, 2010 

'Turkish filmmaker takes aim at U.S. and Israel,' published 5 March, 2010 

'A "model" Islamic education from Turkey?', published 24 February, 2010 

''Turkey's tradtional wooden houses under threat,' published 22 February, 2010