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'In Mexico’s Violent Drug World, a Priest’s Dilemma Over the Seal of Confession,' published 19 June, 2017 

'Liberia Uneasily Linked to Ivory Coast Conflict,' published 31 March, 2011 

'A Baedeker Tour, 100 Years Later,' published 9 May, 2010 

'Children of Exile,' published 25 February, 2010 

'New York Cheer for a Friend in Harm's Way,' published 9 October, 2009 

'For Culprits in Miracle on Hudson, the Flip Side of Glory,' published 2 October, 2009 

'A Sidewalk Oasis, if You Can Find One,' published 30 August, 2009 

'Spain Gives Citizenship to a Fighter of Franco,' published 27 August, 2009  

'School Buses May Give Older New Yorkers a Lift,' published 26 August, 2009  

'A Makeshift Steel Shrine Returns to Ground Zero,' published 25 August, 2009 

'A Prominent Collection at the Met: Food Carts,' published 22 August, 2009 

'City Missed Inspecting 1 of Every 5 Restaurants,' published 28 July, 2009 

'Internship Is Secured, but a Seat? That’s Tricky,' published 27 July, 2009  

'Throgs Neck Bridge Fire Reveals Fragility of New York’s Travel Network,' published 22 July, 2009  

'Dance Union’s Lawyer Accused of Embezzling,' published 15 July, 2009  

'To Unite Diverse Communities, a Soccer Tournament of Skill,' published 13 July, 2009 

'A Fierce Brooklyn Fire Kills Two Men,' published 13 July, 2009  

'Back Home, and in Need of Support,' published 7 July, 2009  

'Just Try to Get Past These Police Vehicles,' published 3 July, 2009 

'With Every Whack of the Cricket Bat, a Bond,' published 28 June, 2009 

'Distributor Guilty of Selling Counterfeit Parts to the M.T.A.,' published 24 June, 2009 

'Payments for Injuries to Workers Here Illegally,' published 17 June, 2009 

'Police Arrest Day Care Center Operator After Baby Dies,' published 15 June, 2009