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'A Shoe Box Full of New York Arrives in Afghanistan,' published 9 November, 2009 

'Exporting a New York Soundtrack,' published 12 October, 2009  

'Steel Column, a 9/11 Survivor, Returns to Ground Zero,' published 24 August, 2009 

'Removal of Objects at Snug Harbor Stirs Uproar,' published 7 August, 2009 

'Expert in Lawn Report Worked for Parks Dept.,' published 7 August, 2009 

'Two Men Charged in 2001 Killing of Karaoke Club Guard,' published 5 August, 2009 

'Report Backs Limits on Great Lawn Crowds,' published 5 August, 2009 

'Con Ed Tests a ‘Smart Grid’ in Queens,' published 4 August, 2009 

'At Summer Streets, Experiments in Bike Sharing,' published 3 August, 2009 

'One if by Land, Two if by Sea….' published 31 July, 2009 

'Council Adopts Pedicab Rules,' published 29 July, 2009 

'Report Finds L.I. Beach Plagued By Pollution,' published 29 July, 2009 

'Four Are Charged in Bank Fraud Scheme,' published 28 July, 2009 

'Lapses Found in Health Dept. Restaurant Inspections,' published 27 July, 2009 

'Cuomo Challenges U.S. Rules on Fluke Fishing,' published 24 July, 2009 

'Tipped Workers Left Out as Minimum Wage Rises,' published 23 July, 2009 

'Emblazoned With Kangaroos, Warships Visit the City,' published 22 July, 2009 

'From the Classroom to Celebrity,' published 20 July, 2009 

'Salvation Army Makes a Summer Appearance,' published 13 July, 2009 

'Increase Is Seen in Number of Restraining Orders,' published 1 July, 2009 

'Pedicabs Roll Toward Regulation,' published 29 June, 2009  

'8 Are Charged in Theft From Paper Company,' 25 June, 2009  

'Police Recruits Are Trained in Racial Sensitivity,' 18 June, 2009  

'Bank Robber, Minus Mask,' 16 June, 2009 

'An Online Friend, Not Just for Emergencies,' 16 June, 2009  

'Police Seek Robber of Elderly Men,' 12 June, 2009  

'Police Reinforce Protection of Jewish Sites,' published 11 June, 2009  

'Police Investigating String of Drugstore Robberies,' published 11 June, 2009  

'Shooting Victim, 11, Is Released From Hospital,' published 10 June, 2009 

'Counterterrorism Exercise to Take Place in Queens,' published 9 June, 2009  

'Subway Robberies Raise Police Concern,' published 9 June, 2009  

'Inmate Sees New Drug Laws as ‘Protection’ for Dealers,' published 8 June, 2009