Journalism: Longform work

Simon Akam - The British Umpire 14.03.2016.pdf
Simon Akam - The British Umpire 14.03.2016.pdf

'The Belgium Process,' Bleacher Report, published 13 June, 2018 

'Portrait of a friendship,' the Paris Review, published 23 February, 2018 

'Braveheart Couldn't Handle This,' Outside, published 26 October, 2017 

'Inside the impossible dream of a six-year-old footballer,' Bleacher Report, published 28 September, 2017 

'The Exquisitely English (and Amazingly Lucrative) World of London Clerks,' Bloomberg Businessweek, published 23 May, 2017 

'A Dream That Died on the Pitch: The Tragic Story of Patrick Ekeng,' Bleacher Report, published 11 May, 2017 

'The short life and mysterious death of Viola Beach,' British GQ, published 27 June, 2016 

'The British umpire: how the IFS became the most influential voice in the economic debate,' Guardian long read, published 15 March, 2016  

'London's Terror Protocols: The Plan for the Next Terrorism Attack,' Newsweek, published 1 July, 2015 

'Big Tobacco Fights Back: How the Cigarette Kings Bought the Vaping Industry,' Newsweek, published 27 May, 2015 

‘The Murky Side of the Beautiful Game: Life at the Bottom of English Football,’ Newsweek, published 22 December, 2014 

‘Souvenirs of the War in Afghanistan: Many Troops Return With Physical and Mental Trauma,’ Newsweek, published 28 October, 2014 

‘Knife Games: A Weird Weekend With the World's Top Plastic Surgeons,’ Newsweek, published 26 September, 2014 

‘Scottish Referendum: Two Friends Journey to the Heart of the Independence Debate,’ Newsweek, published 4 September, 2014 

'The Diary Diaries,' the Paris Review, published 10 October, 2013 

'On the Occasion of the Removal of My Girlfriend’s Dog’s Balls, the Paris Review, published 1 April, 2013 

'Letter from Dakar,' the New Statesman, published 16 May, 2012 

'The vagabond king,' the New Statesman, published 2 February, 2012 

'The Comeback: A notorious ex-warlord hits the campaign trail in Liberia,' the New Republic, published 28 September, 2011 

'Wordsworth's Lake District, 200 years on,' the Washington Post, published 6 June, 2010 

'Old wound, same pain,' the New Statesman, published 11 June, 2009 

'"We’re still fighting the Civil War here,"' the New Statesman, published 30 October, 2008