Journalism: Longform work

Simon Akam - The British Umpire 14.03.2016.pdf
Simon Akam - The British Umpire 14.03.2016.pdf

'The short life and mysterious death of Viola Beach,' British GQ, published 27 June, 2016 

'The British umpire: how the IFS became the most influential voice in the economic debate,' Guardian long read, published 15 March, 2016  

'London's Terror Protocols: The Plan for the Next Terrorism Attack,' Newsweek, published 1 July, 2015 

'Big Tobacco Fights Back: How the Cigarette Kings Bought the Vaping Industry,' Newsweek, published 27 May, 2015 

‘The Murky Side of the Beautiful Game: Life at the Bottom of English Football,’ Newsweek, published 22 December, 2014 

‘Souvenirs of the War in Afghanistan: Many Troops Return With Physical and Mental Trauma,’ Newsweek, published 28 October, 2014 

‘Knife Games: A Weird Weekend With the World's Top Plastic Surgeons,’ Newsweek, published 26 September, 2014 

‘Scottish Referendum: Two Friends Journey to the Heart of the Independence Debate,’ Newsweek, published 4 September, 2014 

'The Diary Diaries,' the Paris Review, published 10 October, 2013 

'On the Occasion of the Removal of My Girlfriend’s Dog’s Balls, the Paris Review, published 1 April, 2013 

'Letter from Dakar,' the New Statesman, published 16 May, 2012 

'The vagabond king,' the New Statesman, published 2 February, 2012 

'The Comeback: A notorious ex-warlord hits the campaign trail in Liberia,' the New Republic, published 28 September, 2011 

'Wordsworth's Lake District, 200 years on,' the Washington Post, published 6 June, 2010 

'Old wound, same pain,' the New Statesman, published 11 June, 2009 

'"We’re still fighting the Civil War here,"' the New Statesman, published 30 October, 2008